I Watch, You Watch, We All #YachtWatch

Source: Lawfare Podcast: Tracking Russian Oligarch Yachts. March 21, 2022. Alex Finley, a former CIA intelligence officer and journalist, now writes fiction novels. She’s also the originator of the popular Twitter hashtag, #YachtWatch. Now that the EU and United States are sanctioning prominent Russians, Twitter users track assets like yachts and planes. For many, itContinue reading “I Watch, You Watch, We All #YachtWatch”

ACEs and the Oscars

When Will Smith assaulted Chris Rock at the Academy Awards ceremony, the U.S. television audience didn’t see it. The network censored the physical and verbal attacks and part of Smith’s acceptance speech. Anyone with an Internet connection, however, could see clips posted on Twitter within minutes from other countries where the broadcast ran in itsContinue reading “ACEs and the Oscars”

Why Twitter?

Compared to most Twitter users, I’m a dinosaur carbon dating back to 2009. When it first launched, I was enchanted by the idea of expressing thoughts in 140 characters, but what could this possibly be used for? It seemed like shouting into the void. A little like when the World Wide Web launched in theContinue reading “Why Twitter?”

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